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Tech-Spex - by HELBRECHT optics

Technological Innovation
Not just a phrase – our day-to-day philosophy

Out biker eyewear have a number of technical properties that showcase our own in-house innovations. The same applies to our sports & shooting eyewear, too. It's often the combination of individual technical components (for ex. our Helly Bikereyes "eagle"), that make our eyewear high-tech products. German engineering at its best.



Glasses with the H-FLEX® feature are extremely malleable and super light! ...more infos

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Slip resistant

Non-slip straps and temples increase the optimal fit of the glasses.

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Flex hinges

These hinges provide a perfect fit, adjusting the temple to the contours of your head.

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Tribal Styles

Eyewear with high-end tribal print.

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Wearable over the helmet

Sophisticated technology allows the strap to be worn over your biking helmet.

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Strap and temple

Switch between straps and regular temples with these glasses.

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Soft nose pads

Making the glasses even more comfortable to wear.

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Super light

You'll barely notice these glasses thanks to their extra light-weight construction.

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Prescription lens available (RXready)

Eyeglasses with this symbol can be made in your individual prescription!

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Real leather

These models use real leather!

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Interchangeable lenses

Just take out your other pair of lenses from your pocket and snap them into place.

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Individually adjustable

These glasses let you adjust the strap or temple length as you wish.

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Padded windbreakers

If your eyes are sensitive to backdrafts as you ride, these padded glasses are perfect for you! Their optimal fit and additional padding provide the perfect protection against the wind.