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    • Hot summer - Hot prices

      10% off only up to sunday - ON EVERYTHING! Simply enter the coupon code SUMMER when ordering and save your money!

      09. June 2017

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    • THE SUMMER 2017

      Now he's finally here. Do something about it ... Now it's your turn! With 10% discount on everything, 10 days long (Code: SUMMER) we wish you many sunny asphalt kilometers!

      02. June 2017

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    • Have a great Father's Day

      Upto Friday (May 26, 2017) you get a discount of 10% on your entire basket from a goods value of 50 €!

      24. May 2017

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    • Now it can start

      Slowly here comes the spring. Our Spring Feeling promotion is extended until 31.05.!

      05. May 2017

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    • Spring fever: extended

      Rain, cold & snow - so no spring feelings come up. Therefore we extend our promotion until 31.05.!

      05. May 2017

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    • H-D Eyewear for bikers!

      Harley-Davidson glasses directly in your prescription! Get your eyewear with built-in cult status. That's what the Harley-Davidson prescription glasses have to offer! Happy Easter!

      13. April 2017

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    • That's unbeatable!

      Top quality for unbeatable prices... Choose your style from incredible 4,99 €! To the SUPER DEALS

      31. March 2017

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    • spring fever... use your chance

      Use your chance our promotion: SPRING FEVER! For a order value of 20 Euro or more, we give you our new multi-cloth "1000 Skulls" (worth € 14.95) for free! New SUPER DEALS are available!

      24. March 2017

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    • spring fever

      For a order value of 20 Euro or more, we give you our new multi-cloth "1000 Skulls" (worth € 14.95) for free!

      17. March 2017

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    • H-RX® prescription technology

      Uncompromising is our special H-RX® prescription technology for single-lens glasses, including the highest protection requirements: MADE IN GERMANY!

      10. March 2017

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    • Six Shades in gray

      New in the program is the gray Helly Bikereyes style "fender 2.0" in six different lens colors.

      24. Feb. 2017

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    • Valentine's discount

      Score some points with your Lady: 14% Valentine's discount on all eyewear from our Lady Collection! Of course only until Valentine's Day.

      10. Feb. 2017

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    • Get your discount now

      Only until 9th February: save up to 70% on our glasses! Just enter your voucher code at the checkout and get a discount on the whole purchase. Also on our SUPER-DEALS!

      03. Feb. 2017

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    • Get your spoils

      10% savings for 10 days: our sales makes it possible! Enter your coupon code and save on all models and prescription glasses! But only until February 9th.

      31. Jan. 2017

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    • Friday the 13th discount

      2017 we are really stepping on the gas for you! Only until 15.1.2017 you get a 13 percent discount on everything in our online shop!

      13. Jan. 2017

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      Order upto Wednesday (21.12. - 12.00) stored goods and receive your order within Germany punctually till X-MAS! Except are "Super Deals", individualized products and accessories!

      20. Dec. 2016

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    • Indian Motorcycle

      NEW IN STORE: Indian Motorcycle Eyewear - this is biker fashion with style! And we gave the hot parts an upgrade: safety on the street with shatter-free lenses on our "Modified Editions"!

      15. Dec. 2016

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    • New model

      The hotly awaited successor is here: the Helly Bikereyes "fender 2.0" has flex hinges and is thanks to the H-FLEX technology "unbreakable" - and that at an ice-cold introduction price.

      09. Dec. 2016

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    • We extend

      Our withdrawal period until January 31, 2017. The extended right of return applies to all orders received by 31 December. If you can't decide what to buy you can also purchase our practical gift vouchers to choose from our complete variety.

      02. Dec. 2016

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    • Advent presents

      Every year we distribute gifts among you in Advent season: Heavy shopping is rewarded with one, two or even three presents.

      28. Nov. 2016

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    • Happy Hellyween

      Our monster discount from Helly Bikereyes: 10 PERCENT DISCOUNT ON EVERYTHING with our Halloween-voucher! This promotion is valid until 1. November. And if you buy today, you can save for the last time with our special "Indian Summer"-offers!

      28. Oct. 2016

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    • Only today

      ONLY TODAY: 20% discount on the COMPLETE "Lady Collection"! Also our "Indian Summer" is soon coming to an end. Only up until 28. October you get a free multifunction-scarf with each order with a purchase value over 20,- €.

      21. Oct. 2016

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    • Lady Indian Summer

      The irresistable "Indian Summer" offer for the ladies: 20% discount on the complete "Lady Collection" - also on Premium models! But only until 21. October and while stocks last.

      14. Oct. 2016

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    • Everything will be nice

      With our xenolit® eyewear from Helly Bikereyes you have a clear view even in bad autumn weather! A higher ability to register contrasts helps during rain, fog and darkness to retain a clear view. Also use our Indian Summer Special while it lasts.

      30. September 2016

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    • Indian Summer Special

      Our new Helly Bikereyes motorcycle goggles with comfort padding as a SEPER DEAL! And from a purchase value from 20 € and up you get a free multifunction scarf. Only valid while stocks last!

      23. September 2016

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    • Spoil yourself

      Spoil yourself with the PREMIUM class - directly from the manufacturer and for fair prices! PREMIUM-glasses (photochromic or polarized) also in your prescription.

      9. September 2016

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    • Uncompromised vision

      Helly Bikereyes eyewear uses HLT® quality glasses to deliver the best viewing experience on the road for you. A clearly improved sight with more clarity and sharpness without optical distortion creates more security and driving pleasure - also valid for glasses with prescription!

      2. September 2016

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    • Unbeatable prices

      More SUPER DEALS for you! Summer is running hot again and so are Helly Bikereyes eyewear: get your Helly "bikershade 2" now for an unbeatable price! Only while stocks last.

      26. August 2016

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    • Your Tribal Style

      No compromise: good eye-protection for highest requirements and a cool design are the basis for our Helly Bikereyes "TRIBAL STYLES" glasses! Find your own Tribal Style now - also in your prescription.

      19. August 2016

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    • Summer Highlights

      Summer comes back! Grey skies and big cloud formations are finished: put on your Helly Bikereyes and go on the road! With our Summer Highlights from Helly Bikereyes you can rev up - also in your prescription!

      12. August 2016

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    • Deals, Deals, Deals

      Find your Super Deal in our store: top discount offers from Helly Bikereyes. Quality biker & motorcycle glasses for exceptionally low prices. Only while stocks last!

      5. August 2016

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    • A sharp view

      Biker & motorcycle glasses in your prescription? With sports glasses for an extreme curve we produce Helly Bikereyes also in your individual prescription. Our quality glasses make sure that always have a sharp view on the road. Even tinted glasses are available with prescription.

      29. July 2016

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    • Seamless darkening

      A clear viw in all light conditions: our photochromic "Transitions"-glasses for Helly Bikereyes are especially useful for the current fast-changing weather conditions - also in your prescription. A quick change of bright sunlight and thick clouds on the road are not a problem anymore.

      22. July 2016

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    • Unbeatable

      Unbeatable prices and top quality: Find your style with our Super Deals for biker- und motorcycle eyewear from Helly Bikereyes and Thunder Roadwear.

      15. July 2016

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    • With Prescription

      Since 2005 we offer special Sports glasses with precription with an extreme curve for motorcycle glasses & biker eyewear! Get your Helly Bikereyes No.1 with or without tint in prescription.

      08. July 2016

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    • Only this weekend for free

      We are shifting into a higher gear: only this weekend you get a free multi-scarf with each order (from 15 € up). Also with our selected and unbeatable discounted Super Deals.

      01. July 2016

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    • Eurocup-Discount 'til wednesday

      Our Eurocup madness: 11% on everything - voucher code valid until wednesday. Even on our already reduced SUPER DEALS.

      20. June 2016

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    • So nice is the Eurocup

      11 friends are playing on the field for the European Championship: therefore we have an 11% discount on everything! Only until 22th June! Get your Eurocup discount now!

      13. June 2016

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    • Get your free multi-scarf

      Our Super Deals are running hot: get your cheap top-offers now and you'll get a free multi-scarf on top each order!

      03. June 2016

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    • Last chance

      Awesome eyewear, small Price. Only 250 pcs. left in stock.
      Last chance to order the model "sturgis" - when it's off, it's off!

      27. May 2016

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      Now with Helly Bikereyes & Thunder Roadwear glasses on the road: get your own SUPER DEAL for an absolutely top price!

      06. May 2016

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      Such an easy choice: seven models from Helly Bikereyes & Thunder Roadwear are radically reduced in our Super Deals. Choose your style now for a SUPER price.

      29. Apr. 2016

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      Top quality for your time on the streets with "Thunder Roadwear" glasses! Use your opportunity at radical cheap prices for quality biker eyewear from "Thunder Roadwear".

      22. Apr. 2016

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    • The Super Deal

      The third one's the charm! With the rb-1 motorcycle googles is now the third Helly Bikereyes model drastically reduced. Get our Super Deals now. Only while stocks last!

      08. Apr. 2016

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    • Not an April Fool's joke

      We are totally crazy! Selected Helly Bikereyes models are drastically reduced. You also get a free multifunction scarf with these models. Buy now while stocks last!

      01. Apr. 2016

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    • That's still running

      For your excellent season-start: with each purchase of Helly Bikereyes, HSE or KHS glasses we give you a multifunction scarf with skull-motive for free. Also you can find many new models in our online shop.

      17. Mar. 2016

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      For the start of the season we give you a multifunction scarf with skull-motive for free with each purchase of Helly Bikereyes, HSE or KHS glasses.

      1. Mar. 2016

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      Get your 25% preorder discount - for example the new Helly Bikereyes "moab 4 - 1000 skulls". Visit our Online-Shop and find many more excellent new products.

      12. Feb. 2016

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      We are starting up with two new Helly Bikereyes: the "vision 3" and "thunder 2" are now available. Many more new releases and discounts can be found right now in our online-store.

      22. Jan. 2016

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      Helly, Brothers & Team wish you all happy holidays and many shining moments in the new year!

      23. Dec. 2015

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      Get a present quickly now: our top offer for Helly X-MAS-Bundles with eagle, fender and black angel. And only until New Year's Eve you get a free skull multifunction scarf as a present with each pair of glasses!

      18. Dec. 2015

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Helly Bikereyes Store - Biker-Glasses and Motorcycle Goggles

Helly Bikereyes - Protection and design - Made for Biker     We didn't invent glasses, but we did it with biker glasses!

Helly's biker glasses, which have reached a cult following already for a long time, have their roots in the MC-scene. It's not only the design and ergonomics which turn these glasses into the best biker glasses. It is particularly the multitude of technical innovations like the high quality HLT® plastic lenses, which cover both eyes like a protective shield. All Helly Bikereyes even withstand a ballistics test. The double-sided anti-fog coating as well as the UV400-filter ensure a safe and clear view. Amongst other things the magazine MOTORRAD confirmed the quality of the glasses in an extensive test (Issue 16|2014) with "very good".