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  • Lesebrillen in verschiedenen Sehstärken-Abstufungen ab +1,00 Dioptrien.

There is a time in life for everything...

and when the time has come for reading glasses - well then we also have something for you.

The arms get longer as you read? Is the small print becoming increasingly blurred? The squinting of the eyes doesn't help any more?
In order to make your vision at close range comfortable again, i.e. to quickly regain a better quality of life, we offer you ready-to-wear reading glasses, available in different vision levels from +1.00 diopters.

In our category "Optics" you will find a huge selection of eyeglass frames, which you can also order as high-quality reading glasses (with Satisfaction Guarantee). Here the glasses are made individually for you. Because the more individually the lenses are adjusted, the better your close-up vision will be.



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