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„polarized lenses“


polarisierende Brillengläser - blendfreies sehen bei maximalen Kontrast
Less eye fatigue, no blinking and no unnecessary strain on the eye.
The HLT® polarized lenses eliminate any glare while ensuring uncompromising safety in the face of glare caused by natural reflections. In addition, HLT® polarization lenses offer a noticeably richer contrast vision thanks to higher depth of field!

The high-quality HLT® polarizing lenses block:

  • Glare from the rear window of a car in front of you
  • Reflections on the windshield of an oncoming vehicle
  • Reflections on the asphalt, depending on the road surface and especially on wet roads
  • Glare on water surfaces
  • Reflections on snow
polarisierende Gläser

For maximum safety - on the road!

The HLT® polarized lenses are safety glasses - especially for motorcyclists! The production of these safety plastic glasses is in accordance with DIN EN 166 "personal eye protection".
This increased level of protection (break resistance of the glasses, for example, in the event of falling rocks) is essential for motorcyclists especially when driving with jet helmet, braincap or open visor.

NOTE: All eyeglass models which are marked with the note "In prescription possible" can also be ordered in your individual prescription. The individual production takes place in our grinding shop incl. Satisfaction guarantee: Money back guarantee!
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Note: Through the one polarizing filter may be present voltages (in favorable) visors, windshields or navigation devices, become visible.