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HLT Quality Lenses
for clear vision in many colors!

HLT-Qualittslinsen HLT quality glasses for an uncompromised vision! Our HLT quality lenses offer a considerable improvement of the visual conditions thanks through a clear and sharp rendition without optical distortions or inaccurate object formation! Our HLT plastic glasses are, of course, available in all the colors and techniques we offer. Also available as polarized glasses as well as photochromic so-called intelligent glasses (phototropic glasses).

Our lenses enable even more precise vision than conventional lenses. This makes HLT glasses the best choice for road traffic, extreme sports and military use.

We offer this special HLT lens technology over the entire range of our glasses of different lens tints and techniques. Our lens palette covers a wide range of light transmittances (filter categories) and a variety of tints and techniques, such as: contrast-increasing, polarized, phototropic or special night glasses.