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Tech-Spex - by HELBRECHT optics
„photochromic lenses“


selbsttönende Gläser (Transitions® XTRActive®)

This is revolutionary! These high-quality self-tinting or photochromic plastic lenses react not only to sunlight (UV radiation), but also to the existing light conditions, that is, to the existing ambient light!

    The tint also reacts as a result:
  • behind a visor
  • behind a windshield
    (motorcycle or car)
  • indoors on glaring light or daylight
    (behind a window pane!)
No conventional lens can do that! This lens technology combines several patented processes, which are the result of more than 20 years of research and innovation.

For maximum safety - on the road!

In addition, these Transitions XTRActive plastic lenses are a special production, for the eyeglass manufacturer (HELBRECHT optics) as safety lenses - among other things, especially for motorcyclists! The production of these safety plastic lenses is in accordance with DIN EN 166 "personal eye protection".

This increased protection level (break resistance of the lenses e.g. in case of stone impact) is essential for motorcyclists especially when riding with jet helmet, braincap or open visor.

These "intelligent" and high-quality plastic lenses, are incorporated / ground into the glasses directly by the glasses manufacturer (HELBRECHT optics). Best quality: MADE IN GERMANY.

NOTE: All eyeglass models which are marked with the note "In prescription possible" can also be ordered in your individual prescription. The individual production takes place in our grinding shop incl. Satisfaction guarantee: Money back guarantee!
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