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Sehstärke Specialist for sports and security prescription

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Applies to glasses with photochromic or polarizing lenses as well as to your prescription or custom-made glasses: MADE IN GERMANY.

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FRICKO - Kids und Teens Eyewear
FRICKO - Kids und Teens Eyewear

FRICKO® - Kids und Teens Eyewear

Designed for children - optimized for parents: Children's glasses also in prescription

Children know exactly what they want from the very first moment! With our glasses for kids and teens, this judgment can be trusted blindly. While children focus on the look, the fit and, subconsciously, the feel of the glasses, we offer far more know-how - also from the parents' point of view. FRICKO® children's glasses are virtually indestructible. All glasses are equipped with our H-FLEX® technology. This feature makes the glasses extremely malleable and super light at the same time! On top of that, these frames have flexible temples that can be overstretched by around 90°.

Also available as sunglasses and/or directly as glasses with prescription - of course: MADE IN GERMANY.

FRICKO kids & teens eyewear

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