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Sehstärke Specialist for sports and security prescription

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Applies to glasses with photochromic or polarizing lenses as well as to your prescription or custom-made glasses: MADE IN GERMANY.

Prescription glasses: Lenses strongly reduced! Up to 50% OFF. Discounts are already shown on the product.

KHS - Tactical Optics | Ballistische Brillen | taktische Schutzbrillen
KHS - Tactical Optics

KHS - Tactical Optics

Ballistic glasses | tactical safety glasses

Eye protection for use, manufactured according to the respective ballistic standards, for the best protection depending on the intended use. In cooperation with KHS - the specialist for tactical watches - a whole range of tactical eyewear has been developed. The special thing about HELBRECHT optics: We even manufacture tactical eyewear in individual prescription, on request, for the highest possible protection requirements, of course: MADE IN GERMANY.
Special tints and even clear lenses for NVG use can be found in the safety eyewear collection. In this category, we offer goggles for the following areas: Tactical (military), Performance (authorities, fire department) or Lifestyle (outdoor).

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