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We are an owner-managed family business, which is active in the optics industry in the 2nd generation. Our family has been rooted in this industry since 1966. Today's company HELBRECHT optics was founded by the oldest of the three brothers Helbrecht (Helly). It all started in the classic way in a garage. Today, the company is jointly managed by the three Helbrecht brothers.

Many people know our company as the leading manufacturer / supplier of Biker- & Motorcycle glasses. With the brand "Helly No.1 Bikereyes" our company has established itself in the motorcycle industry made a name for itself worldwide. Our range of products also includes sun-, sports-, protection- and corrective glasses as well as military goggles.
In addition, we also manufacture glasses for external labels and/or glasses under licence, some of which are also available directly from us. Furthermore we offer further relevant trademarks at attractive prices. To ensure prompt delivery, we keep up to 400,000 articles in stock during the season.

In addition to our specialist trade partners and opticians, we also offer the end consumer the opportunity to purchase our glasses directly online from us. As we were one of the few companies in the world to specialise in individual sports and safety glazing at a very early stage, we are also able to offer not only "normal" prescription glasses in visual strength, but also custom-made sports- or motorcycle- glasses in prescription - of course: MADE IN GERMANY! Our team of opticians will be happy to advise you here. The determination of the visual acuity can also be carried out directly by us on request.

Contrary to the general trend of many former German producers, we as a manufacturer have for decades been working single-mindedly to develop, process and/or refine our products in Germany. Custom-made products in PRESCRIPTION and eyewear with the designation "PREMIUM" are, for example, exclusively produced in our own in-house factory grindery made in Hilden / Germany. The lenses processed in our factory we purchase almost exclusively from German and/or Swiss lens manufacturers.

Detailed and interesting information about us, can be found in the section "HISTORY".

Signed: Helly
(Owner: HELBRECHT optics)

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Factory grindery

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Lens production