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Right of cancellation for glasses made to customer specifications

The purchase of a glazed eyeglass (custom-made in prescription) is a matter of trust, and it should remain that way! According to legislation, custom-made products (goods according to customer specifications) can be exempt from the right of withdrawal. That's not the case for us!

If there is ever an issue with the optical lenses in a custom-made eyeglass, our FAIR DEAL applies. If, after rework, an optimal visual result is still not achieved, we will refund the purchase price - no ifs, ands, or buts!

Whether it's a biker eyeglass, motorcycle eyeglass, safety eyeglass with safety lenses, or a sports eyeglass with sports lenses, or whether it's the lenses of a straight corrective eyeglass or sunglasses.

It doesn't matter - as long as the lenses come from our in-house grinding facility (Hilden/Germany), we stand for 100% satisfaction. Our word is our bond - IT'S A MATTER OF HONOR!

Note: The FAIR DEAL applies exclusively to the production of prescription lenses. Valid: up to one month after purchase. This deal does not apply to: Incorrect prescription details, outdated values, dissatisfaction, eyeglasses with significant signs of use, or eyeglasses with intentional damage or alterations.

Official Cancellation Policy

References: Here you can see some examples of eyeglasses made with various lens technologies, in prescription.