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Sehstärke Specialist for sports and security prescription

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Applies to glasses with photochromic or polarizing lenses as well as to your prescription or custom-made glasses: MADE IN GERMANY.

selbsttönende Bikerbrille | CR003-as

Glasses width: 137mm | Temple length: 120mm | Glass height: 36mm
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- Next-generation glass technology -

Selbsttönende Gläser

Self-tinting lenses (Asia-Photochromic)

The self-tinting lenses used here in the "Asia-Photochromic" series react exclusively to direct UV radiation or direct sunlight. Therefore, they are considered a cost-effective alternative to higher-quality self-tinting lenses for wearers of jet helmets or brain caps. These affordable lenses of the first generation of self-tinting lenses currently stand out for their price-performance ratio. NOTE: These lenses do not react behind a helmet visor, automotive windshield, or indoors.

HLT® Qualitätsgläser für eine unverfälschte Sicht!

HLT® quality glasses for an unadulterated view!

HLT® quality glasses stand for an unadulterated view! Our HLT® quality glasses offer a significant improvement in visibility by providing a clear and sharp reproduction without optical distortions or faulty images. Therefore, HLT glasses are the top choice for road traffic, extreme sports, as well as military operations.

Impact Protection: Maximaler Schutz - Denn Du hast nur zwei Augen!

Maximum protection - Because you have only two eyes!

Safety glasses - Also available in your prescription - specifically for motorcyclists and athletes. Increased protection level (glass resistance to impact, for example, from stone chips). Essential for motorcyclists, especially when wearing a jet helmet or brain cap. For maximum safety - on the road! Manufactured according to DIN EN 166 "personal eye protection".

100% UV protection regardless of the tint!

Our HLT® lenses offer you 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection up to 400 nm (nanometers), regardless of the tint level (even with clear lenses)! With our HLT® lenses, we guarantee maximum protection against UV radiation and optical quality without distortion or faulty images. Each production batch of our high-quality lenses undergoes a quality control check.

UV-Strahlung 100 - 380 nm
Sichtbares Licht 380 - 780 nm
Infrarot Strahlung ab 780 nm
nm = Namometer
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