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  • We are an owner-managed family-run optician business, now in the second generation. Our family has been active in this industry since 1966.

    To the history

    It all had a very classic start in a garage. Today, the company is managed jointly by the three Helbrecht brothers.

    We are the leading manufacturer/supplier of biker & motorcyclist eyewear. Our brand Helly No.1 Bikereyes has made a global reputation for our company in the motorcycle scene. In Europe, we are the #1 provider of biker glasses without challenge.

    Our offerings also include sunglasses, sports glasses, protective eyewear, prescription glasses and prescription eyewear for athletes. In addition, we also make eyewear for other labels and eyewear under license, some of which can also be ordered directly from us. For example, we produce for the heavy metal band "ACCEPT", "BMW MOTORRAD", mission glasses for "KHS" and "KING KEROSIN".

    Many companies remain silent about concerns the country of production. We do not! Proudly we can point to our national and international production and partner companies. Contrary to the general trend in the industry, we have resolutely worked on developing our products in Germany, edit, and / or refine them. The majority of our glasses are designed in our in-house product development (at the factory - Germany). Production is carried out according to the model in Asia and / or Germany; made from materials all over the world.

  • For us the best is not good enough, for example, our H-FLEX material. Custom-made glasses in PRESCRIPTION and glasses with the name "PREMIUM", are only made in our own Grinding station (factory - GERMANY). The glasses we draw also on the - in our opinion - the best products, which has to offer the world market back. Therefore, we use, among other glasses from manufacturers in Japan, the U.S. or traditional company from Germany. Here again there is often an additional refinement from our company. Distribution is possible through the worldwide dealers. To ensure timely delivery, we carry constantly up to 400.000 articles in stock.

    In addition to our specialist retailer partners and opticians, end users can order our eyewear online from us directly. Also, we offer the opportunity to purchase our products in the factory outlet business Hilden/Germany in our "FACTORY SALE". Our opticians team is here you advice. The visual evaluation can also be carried out directly with us.

    Because we were one of the few companies to specialize early on in sports and safety lenses, custom lenses made to your prescription are also available directly from us all, of course, MADE IN GERMANY!

    The Characteristic of our company is to this day the passion of motorcycling and motorsport. Meanwhile we can (proudly) say that we share with our national and international partners and dealers managed to get our glasses are sold and supported around the world.

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  • Numbers & Facts

    • HQ Hilden / Rhnl.

    • Volumes 32,5 Tons (turnover)

    • In stock 400.000 articles

    • Size 4.600 m

    • Floor space 9.120 m

    • Management Gebr. Helbrecht

    • Manager Helly Helbrecht

    • Sole Proprietorship

    • Imprint