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Über uns - HELBRECHT optics

About us

Rooted in optics since 1966

We are a family-owned business, operating in the field of optics for the second generation. Our family has been rooted in this industry since 1966. The present company, HELBRECHT optics, was founded by the eldest of the three brothers, Helbrecht (Helly). It all began in a classic way, in a garage. Today, the company is jointly managed by the three Helbrecht brothers.

Our company is widely recognized as the leading manufacturer/provider of biker and motorcycle goggles. With the brand "Helly No.1 Bikereyes," our company has made a name for itself in the motorcycle industry worldwide. Our range also includes sunglasses, sports eyewear, protective eyewear, correctional eyewear, and military eyewear.

Additionally, we manufacture glasses for external labels and/or licensed eyewear, some of which are also available directly from us. Furthermore, we offer other relevant brands at attractive prices. To ensure timely delivery, we maintain an average of 400,000 items in stock.
Contrary to the general trend of many German producers/companies, we have been diligently working for decades to develop, process, and/or refine our products in Germany.

In addition to our specialist trade partners and opticians, since 2010, we have also provided end consumers with the opportunity to purchase our eyewear directly online. As one of the few companies worldwide to specialize early in individual sports and safety lenses, we offer custom-made sports or motorcycle eyewear with prescription lenses directly from us - of course: MADE IN GERMANY!

From blank to eyeglass lens

In this video, you can see how an eyeglass lens is manufactured with individual prescription strength and the amount of expertise and technology involved in such a small product (eyeglass lens). The effort is significant, but see for yourself.

Duration: 8:08 minutes

How does the eyeglass lens get inserted into the frame?

In this video, you can experience how eyeglasses with individual prescription strength are crafted daily in our finishing lab, bringing together what belongs together: the frame and the lens. Custom-made eyeglasses with prescription lenses and eyeglasses labeled as "PREMIUM" are exclusively crafted in our in-house finishing lab.

Duration: 2:36 minutes


Even our media department is in-house.
All services such as product photography, website design, and promotional materials (flyers, catalogs, vouchers, etc.) are created directly in our facility. In this video, you can "look over our shoulder" as we demonstrate the process of catalog creation, from concept and design to printing.

Duration: 2:33 minutes

Image Gallery

Inside HELBRECHT optics

In this photo gallery, you can see where the numerous award-winning eyeglasses call their "home." Take a look at the pictures and gain some insights into who we are and what we do here.

Simply click on the image, and the photo gallery will open in full size.

Stars & Eyewear

Many eyeglasses from our collection are privately worn by numerous stars and personalities in show business, as well as figures from the world of performance and racing sports. In some cases, close personal connections and friendships have developed. Regardless, we are always amazed when we discover who around the world wears eyeglasses from our company and where they appear in reports, documentaries, music videos, movies, television, or even in the news. You can find more examples in our history.
Often, we only found out about it through conversations with the protagonists afterward or simply by chance (Internet discovery). Either way, we say THANK YOU and are full of pride!

Here's a small selection in moving images:

ACCEPT Wolf Hoffmann

Song: Night On Bald Mountain (Official Video)
We have had our own ACCEPT collection since 2013.

Eyewear: ACCEPT eyewear »

Steinway & Sons: Sunburst Collection

A tribute from Steinway & Sons to the great rock musicians.

Eyewear: HELLY - No.1 Bikereyes »


Song: I Don't Need A Broken Heart (Official Video)
Directed by Dirk Behlau

Eyewear: King Kerosin »

Jimmy Cornett

Soundtrack for the documentary: Riding Through Nevada with Harley (Mit der Harley durch Nevada)
Production: Studio1 - Gerd Scheidel

Eyewear: HELLY - No.1 Bikereyes »

We hope you enjoyed this initial impression of us! Detailed and more interesting information about us can be found in the HISTORY section.

Helly, Brothers & Team