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Glasses competitions

at HELBRECHT optics

Here you can find the current and past eyewear competitions on this topic:

motorcycle goggles, biker eyewear, sports glasses, sunglasses and glasses and, if necessary, the corresponding prescription for your new glasses from our online eyewear store. Discover our huge selection of glasses for: Motorcycle, sport and everyday life.

Advent competition
With a total value of over 4.500,00€!

INDIVIDUAL PRIZES such as: Multiple: Vouchers | Multiple: Gold | Multiple: Clothing | Multiple: Tactical flashlights | Multiple: Tactical pen | and, and, and...

1.) Every day, up to three winners will be selected from all incoming orders. The prizes will be sent directly with the order.
2.) Sign up for the newsletter here. We will then contact the winners by e-mail.

We wish each and every one of you good luck and a Merry Christmas!
Helly, Brothers & Team

We always open and publish the winnings on the following day.

HELBRECHT optics - Unser Gewinn-Adventskalender 2023 HELBRECHT optics - Unser Gewinn-Adventskalender 2023
Die bisherigen Gewinner

Previous winners

Rainer S. - Seifhennersdorf

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Markus H. - Penzberg

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Frank S. - Gummersbach
Wolfgang D. - Eisingen

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Franz E. - Münchsmünster
Ronny Z. - München
Elena T. - Hamburg
Kathrin S. - Schlüchtern
Volker S. - Ganderkesee

Previous winners

Barbara G. - Königswinter
Jens B. - Steinburg
Martin B. - Konstanz
Felix P. - Beilrode OT Kreischau
Aron S. - Frankfurt am Main
Ralf W. - Wolfsburg
Ralf K. - Gerolstein
Angelika R. - Rodgau
Jürgen K. - Korntal-Münchingen
Werner P. - Leipzig

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Previous winners

Volker F. - Bad Homburg
Claudia E. - Rinchnach
Anja B. - Biesenthal
Birgit G. - Ahnatal
John G. - Hanau
Corinna S. - München
Frank G. - Dortmund
Thomas W. - Börsborn
Sören H. - Brunsbüttel
Klaus B. - Herbstein
Sven E. - Malschwitz
Peter B. - Dürnkrut
Rainer K. - Taufkirchen (Vils)

Previous winners

Leon S. - Stutensee
Uwe C. - Beucha
Ayat A. - Heidelberg
Patrick F. - Hamburg

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Peter G. - Owen
Birgit S. - Singen
Meik S. - Kiel
Michel S. - Dresden
Andy S. - Neuss
Martin D. - Selm
Marc H. - Mainz
Past competition
Gewinnspiel bei Helbrecht optics: Jede 11. Bestellung ist für lau - Alaaf und Helau Gewinnspiel bei Helbrecht optics: Jede 11. Bestellung ist für lau - Alaaf und Helau

Competition: Every 11th order is for free 🥳 Alaaf und Helau

In the period from 11.Nov.2023 to 13.Nov.2023, we gave every 11th customer with a customer account the full value of their purchase in the form of a credit.

Promotion ended
Die Gewinner stehen fest
We congratulate the winners and hope you enjoy your next purchase of glasses for free!
Hannes J. - Reutlingen
Anne-Kathrin L. - Darmstadt
Steffen G. - Heidelberg

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Tobias K. - Frankfurt a.M.
Otwin S. - Graz
Panayotis P. - Lichtenstein
Uwe W. - München
Gunnar K. - Bremen
André S. - Leipzig
Martina S. - Stuttgart
Michael B. - Flensburg

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Klaus H. - Weilheim
Martin B. - Erdweg
Viktorija K. - Elmshorn
Lennart H. - Berlin
Mike L. - Speyer
Jan M. - Rastatt
Dietmar W. - Mittweida
Vico D. - Peine
Judith A. - Wetzlar
Werner R. - Erlangen

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Dirk H. - Wahlstedt
Reiner M. - Langenhagen
Natalia E. - Waiblingen
Gina-Maria J. - Plauen
Patrick S. - Neuwied
Stefan R. - Arnsberg
Florian W. - Wilhelmshaven
Camillo T. - Bamberg
Rodrick P. - Tübingen
Thomas K. - Hanau
Thorsten B. - Köln
Gunnar L. - Pforzheim
Alexej U. - Halle (Saale)
Andy F. - Karlsruhe
Oliver T. - Berlin
Christine M. - Bochum
Tim A. - Nürnberg
Volker D. - Bremen
Alexander K. - Hamburg
Nicole M. - Kiel
Sara W. - Mainz

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Holger H. - Rostock
Branko R. - Kassel
Tanja M. - Oldenburg
Dennis K. - Ingolstadt
Jörg S. - Bottrop

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Dieter E. - Jena
Simone H. - Gera
Walter S. - Worms
Hans-Georg D. - Neumünster
Dieter R. - Landshut
Christian E. - Celle
Norbert R. - Düren
Natali B. - Schweinfurt

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Uwe L. - Waiblingen
Victoria P. - Hameln
Sylvain L. - Greifswald
Jochen G. - Neu-Ulm
Manuel S. - Plauen
Jürgen W. - Kerpen

We have already informed all winners by e-mail.

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