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Sehstärke Specialist for sports and security prescription

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selbsttönende Sonnenbrille | COR008 wood sunglasses - photochromic

Glasses width: 135mm | Temple length: 145mm | Glass height: 32mm
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- Next-generation glass technology -

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True to this motto, we have been offering sports & motorcycle glasses with extreme curvature or bending in prescription - the so-called sports prescription - in addition to the conventional glazing of glasses since 2005! All designated glasses can be glazed by us to meet traffic safety regulations, as indicated.More »

Photochromic biker eyewear, sports glasses, motorcycle goggle

Glasses in the premier class: self-tinting lenses from Transitions "XTRActive".

Always be well equipped in changing light conditions!
These Transitions lenses are specially made for HELBRECHT optics as safety lenses! This increased level of protection (break resistance of the lenses, e.g. in the event of stone chipping) is essential for motorcyclists a.o., especially when riding with a jet helmet, braincap or open visor. These "intelligent" and high-quality plastic lenses are exclusively incorporated into the goggles by us, of course: MADE IN GERMANY.
In contrast to all other self-tinting lenses, Transitions "XTRActive" lenses even react: ✓ behind a visor ✓ behind a windshield (even in a car) ✓ in closed rooms to bright light or daylight (behind a window pane!). No conventional spectacle lens can do that!

HLT® Qualitätsgläser für eine unverfälschte Sicht!

HLT® quality glasses for an unadulterated view!

HLT® quality glasses stand for an unadulterated view! Our HLT® quality glasses offer a significant improvement in visibility by providing a clear and sharp reproduction without optical distortions or faulty images. Therefore, HLT glasses are the top choice for road traffic, extreme sports, as well as military operations.

Für jeden Einsatz das richtige Brillenglas
Polarisierte Premium Gläser

The right lens for every application!

We offer our special glasses in a wide variety of shades and mirror coatings. We manufacture according to your wishes in our in-house grinding shop. Of course, we also offer prescription lenses: MADE IN GERMANY.
Selbsttönende Premium Gläse

100% UV protection regardless of the tint!

Our HLT® lenses offer you 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection up to 400 nm (nanometers), regardless of the tint level (even with clear lenses)! With our HLT® lenses, we guarantee maximum protection against UV radiation and optical quality without distortion or faulty images. Each production batch of our high-quality lenses undergoes a quality control check.

UV-Strahlung 100 - 380 nm
Sichtbares Licht 380 - 780 nm
Infrarot Strahlung ab 780 nm
nm = Namometer
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