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Lens color

  • Weather and landscape conditions with distracting reflections occur (such as the water, in the snow or on the road), are neutralized with polarized lenses in their negative effect.

Comfortable vision - with polarizing HLT® lenses!

Who hasn't experienced this before, when the sun is reflected by a shiny surface. For example, at the water, after a rain shower (even the wet road was dazzled) or the sun was extremely reflected in the window of an oncoming or preceding vehicle?
Glare impairs visibility, is unpleasant, sometimes even painful and can be dangerous, especially in road traffic. Our high-quality HLT® polarized plastic lenses eliminate these glare caused by reflective surfaces.
Less eye fatigue, no blinking and no more unnecessary strain on your eyes. Just see comfortably with special HLT® Pol lenses.

polarisierende Brillengläser

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